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White, Genevieve M.

Freedom for Daughters Of Sarah
117 pp $12.00, plus shipping


(617) 288-6140 or wgwhite29@gmail.com

Freedom for Daughters of Sarah is just that!  An experience of freedom through reading the powerful testimonies from around the world that reflect the changes that the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit can make in a person's life when they penetrate the hearts of those open to receive.  The book is also a witness to the seeds planted and the fruit produced through Daughters of Sarah, Sons of Abraham and Beyond Daughters of Sarah.

 White, Genevieve M.



Daughters Of Sarah
112 pp $12.00, plus shipping

(617) 288-6140 or wgwhite29@gmail.com

This is a book of hope and encouragement.  On first reading it will relieve the wife of the indecision regarding God's will for her life and will give her firm and immediate direction.  It will also be a very real help to those who are separated or divorced or just not experiencing the joy and fullness God planned when He created marriage.  Answers to some very tough questions are dealt with in this book.  Also, there are powerful testimonies of how God moves when women choose to obey him.



White, Walter F.



Sons of Abraham
148 pp $12.00, plus shipping

(617) 288-6140 or wgwhite29@gmail.com

This book clearly defines a man's role in relation to God, his wife, their children and their children's children.  Walter wrote "God's plan for us does not need to be adjusted by the world.  It is perfect and works perfectly if we are willing to walk in it, in obedience to His Word."  This book is written for men who believe God's Word and want to learn how to walk in the fullness of it.  Man was created by God and He gave him the role as the head of the family.  Walter went to his eternal reward in 2002.






White, Genevieve M.


Beyond Daughters of Sarah
          137 pp $12.00. plus shipping

(617) 288-6140 or wgwhite29@gmail.com

 This book was written as a follow up to Daughters of Sarah.  It is especially directed to those of you who have already grasped the truth of God's Word regarding the principles of submission and authority and have begun to walk in this truth.  You experienced joy and fulfillment in your marriage.  Then came the trials and tribulations and challenges.  What did you do?  Did you slip into false submission?  Jesus through His Word will show where you have been deceived.  You will be led back to experiencing the peace and love and joy that true submission to God through your husband produces.  This book is rich with the Word and you will find yourself receiving blessings, revelation and answers to your prayers.







Bruce, Evelyn B.

Fading Away
96 pp $10.00.

(770) 322-0434

A chronicle of five generations' struggles with harsh economic depressions, changing racial attitudes, and loss of loved ones to afflictions. Stirring story on caregiving to Alzheimer victims. Great for libraries, Seniors and Youth.


Evans, Dr. John H.

A Breath Of Fresh Prayer
168 pp $12.00

(520) 378-1962

Twenty accounts of true to life documented answers to prayers. You'll laugh and cry as you confirm prayers are answered. Biblical teaching on prayer. Great for Counselors, Pastors and especially Youth.


Laine, Dr. James

For The Love Of God
152 pp $10.00

(480) 752-7992

The most inspiring book you'll read this year. The author has a new revelation of God's Word and the revival fire that is burning. You can feel the excitement mounting page after page. Great for Pastors, Evangelists, libraries and schools.


Mehlhoff, K.D.

Trumpets In The Stars
124pp $10.00

(701) 338-2451

Discusses signs in the sun, moon, and stars preceding the Second Coming. Stresses end time evidences. Valuable teaching tool for Teachers, Church libraries and School libraries. Excellent for Adult Bible Study series.


Moses, Dennis

Leadership And Church Structure
216pp $15.00

(337) 462-4097

Describes in clear and concise detail exactly how Christian Leadership should be structured both inside the church and out. The author writes not only from theory, but also from practical experience. Great for Church Libraries.


Nehsahn, Peter Z.M.

The Bible's Answers To Real Life Issues
That Matter To Christians

224 pp 13.00

(770) 879-6079

Deals with Scripture memorization and the importance
of grasping the entire lesson from the Scripture as it relates to the program of God. Wonderful for Sunday School study. Ideal for weekly Bible Study and
Prayer Sessions.


Nyberg, Robert T.

A Quest For Reality
152 pp $11.00

(941) 351-6837

An exciting, adventurous novel format... but it's true. You're with the author in every port of call. Discover how he found his 'reality' while serving as a Metallurgical Engineer in South America. Gripping text. Ideal for teens, adults, and schools. 


MOURT'S RELATION: A Journal of the Pilgrims of Plymouth,

 Edited by Jordan D. Fiore
97 pp $39.95Mourts Relation

(800) 210-1620 or www.plymrock.org

This great work is in the Second Printing 2006.  The first printing was 1985.  Mourt's Relation was originally printed in 1622 and is the  first-hand published account of the coming of the Pilgrims to the New World.  It is an invaluable primary resource for Pilgrim history and provides the first documented report giving an account of the harvest feast that we know as the First Thanksgiving.  A must for educators and every home. 

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